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I can be friendly but also your worst nightmare.
Dont act like you know if you dont know anything.
Please , dont judge me as i hate being judge .
I'm not very tall , but doesnt make me wrong .
Hanging out with friend are a never say die attidude .
I have 2 super bestfriends which is,
L.PeiJun &
They dont know each other. But i love them w all my heart.
School isnt my cup of tea .
I get easily piss off if you annoyed me .
I got a very bad temper .
Music are something i cant live without .
Nagging is the one attidude i will die with it .
Doesnt understand what you saying alot of times ,
dont bother to talk to me anymore then.
I can be hyper and insane or both at the same time.
I can be lazy at times too.
So bother me ?
You will be dead .
I will treat you, how you treat me.

I do play :

Level :13
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Nickname :Leyyx
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My kaqiao partner<3 : Lim JiaYi , Lim JunWei & Tan JiaJun

Tiongxim to gans & friends ?
Well , ofcause .

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Something about me will make you
Love me or Hate me?
Oh well,
I'm that girl who you'll see,
A good something in me! :D
You Hate me?,
you are wrong and weird.
course i am friendly.
Loving me is still that best choice,
as hating me, makes you as plain as wall
If you dont know me, don care about me,
Cause Its only going to make you like a stupid fool
So, how to be someone cool?
Dont assume who I am,That will do :D
gangster doesnt matter.
anyone who say i am one.
sorry but to tell you.you got
eyes sight problem
if someone look like gangster,
doesnt mean she/he is one.
and more, i am 100% good girl.
i love him, and thats not your problem,
don't ever snatch my friends,
i will revenge. because you steal my friend
when person get mad,
you then will know what happened.
kisiao family is my darling.
please don't mess with them.XD
Gans is next hor :D
Then girlfriend,besties & friend next.XD!
and i dont give HER the fucking damn.
ripping & spamming & photocopying,
doesnt make you look cool.
So please follow my blog rules.XD
No spamming!
no ripping!
Vulgaraties are allow!

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@ Saturday, November 6, 2010
What I doing recently?! Goshh, so long since I post. :x
LOL. When out w peijun blurblur today and guess what?
I went out w money inside my purse and back w a purse w/o money.
Wtf... AND best, going out w her again tomorrow.
I am like meeting her almost everyday/week..
Next week & next next week again. -.-
PEISHAN! If you see this remember we are going out next week! (:
Alrights, back to peijun.
Went bugis w her then jurongpoint for manicure.
LOLS, that's why I bring no money home. :x
Talking about manicure, LAUGH DIE ME! (:
doesnt want talk bout manicure anymoreee..
Super bored. TOMORROW is smaller brother birthday.
Today went home about 4-5pm cause nothing to walk and no money. Totally bored.
But have lots fun w her today. (:
Using my dad's iPhone to post here as dad is using computer.
Computer best... (:
Alrights, gonna FB already.
Byeee, shall post don't know when. -.-
♦ ♦ ♦

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